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Jewellery to make everyone woo!

All jazzed-up and pepped-up, bundled with stuff that’s not really required but you still feel the need to get for some sho-shaa and an array of celebrations spent dancing—nothing can ever match the upbeat Pakistani weddings. Well, so is the effervescent charm of a Pakistani bride—truly unmatchable! And today’s blog is solely dedicated to the real cynosures aka the Pakistani brides who never fail to impress us with their spirited appearance.

Not that they already don’t have a killer sense of style, this is a guide for all the brides-to-be as to what jewellery to choose to make them stand out so we’ll be guiding you through the entire process on the tips and trends of wedding jewellery trends in 2019 for all your functions!

Mayoon/Dars Jewellery Guide

– Ideally, the bride must avoid getting bedecked with too many jewels for this ceremony.

– We suggest you wear one statement jewel which will uplift your overall outfit. For example, wear a heavy pair of earrings and avoid other adornments like maang tikka and necklace. Or simply choose light jewellery pieces.

Mehndi Jewellery Guide

– Hath phools, maang tikkas, heavy earrings and anklets are the quintessential adornments that a Pakistani bride must wear at the mehndi ceremony.

– Gota jewellery is another option that we highly recommend for mehndi ceremony.

– Personalised accessories are making a lot of noise these days, and we totally root for them!

Engagement Jewellery Guide

 – Diamond, rubies and emeralds look the best with gowns.

– Wear gold or polki only if you are wearing a lehenga.

– Glam up things with a voguish hair accessory like a hair crown, embellished clip or dainty embellishments like pearl drops and flowers.

– For the wrists, ditch a full-fledged stack of bangles. Opt for diamond bangles or a bracelet instead.

Dholki Jewellery guide

– Nothing better than donning a delicate diamond necklace for it will add the oomph while keeping you at your comfort best at the same time.

–  A simple and dainty maang tikka (only if you are planning to wear a lehenga or a gharara).

– A modish bracelet or diamond bangles with a gown or a set of bangles with a traditional ensemble.

– A statement ring is a MUST!

Haldi jewellery guide

– Floral jewellery looks uber stunning for the haldi ceremony.

– It is not a bad idea to wear no jewellery at all during the haldi-chooda ceremony.

– You can also pick a few dainty pieces of gota jewellery. They look great too.

Baraat jewellery guide

– Chooda and Kaleeras are the real essentials of a Pakistani bride’s wedding day look. They can’t be skipped!

– For the bridal jewels, earrings, neckpiece(s) and a nath are pretty much compulsory. But you can choose between a matha patti or a maang tikka or choose to wear both with a twist. Pakistani jewellery is so diverse and versatile that you can actually embrace both minimalism and maximalist, as per your preferences.

– Layering necklaces is a hep trend. However, choose your necklace according to the type of blouse neckline (or vice versa).

Valima jewellery guide

– Stick to the dazzling diamonds if you’re wearing a western silhouette.

– However, you can go with the evergreen polkis and kundan too.

– Remember, the reception is supposed to be a chill event! Don’t unnecessarily bog yourself down with the weight of heavy jewels.

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